Children's Photographer :: Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne

Children’s Photography sessions are always so much fun, letting kids be kids and running around.

Whether they are playing outside or just laughing in the studio Rebecca loves capturing those candid, natural moments that let your child’s personality shine through. We aim to capture the in-between moments, the hugs, tickles, laughing and the real, special moments. Being a mum to two children she’s the master of getting even the quietest child to let a little giggle out. It is amazing what children find funny!

It is very important to make sure children feel as comfortable as possible to ensure we get the most precious images of your child. Outdoor locations are ideal as it gives children the flexibility to move around and explore. Outdoor Children’s Photography sessions run in the late afternoon to capture the beautiful soft golden sunlight. Studio photography sessions run first thing in the morning around 10:30am and are better suited to toddlers and younger children who are not moving around as much as the older kids.  The studio is also ideal for winter sessions when freezing temperatures are a huge deterrent for many parents with young children. Sessions run from February to early December if you are thinking of booking a session Rebecca would love to hear from you!

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